Meet Scott Dawson

Scott Dawson knows if you want to fix what’s wrong with Alabama, the first step is to stop electing politicians and start electing leaders.

Scott Dawson is a man of tremendous character, conviction and faith. He is a family man and an active leader in his community. Scott is an energetic visionary. He has worked hard all of his life, and in those years, Scott Dawson has inspired thousands upon thousands to live spiritually, joyfully and generously with great and lasting purpose.

Scott Dawson is a lifelong resident of Alabama, reared on the west side of Birmingham. The son of Paul and Ann Dawson, Scott grew up in a modest, blue-collar family with traditional values and a strong work ethic. As a teenager, Scott got his first job at Shoe City in Five Points West.

At a young age, Scott discovered his love for sharing the Gospel. Hoping to help others find their paths in life, he preached his first sermon at the age of 16. Scott graduated from Ensley High School in 1985, and later earned his degree from Samford University while working at Western Supermarket to pay for school. 

In 1993, he received his Master of Divinity from Beeson Divinity School and was ordained in gospel ministry by order of Roebuck Park Baptist Church.

For the last thirty years, Scott Dawson has shared the good news of the Gospel with enthusiasm and clarity across the Southeast. The Scott Dawson Evangelistic Association has grown from one man giving testimonials at youth rallies to a comprehensive outreach organization extending across all ages and denominations offering a unifying message of hope to America and beyond.

Scott’s evangelistic creativity has inspired numerous, successful event ministries such as Safe At HomeAtlantaFestStadiumFestWake Up America! and UrbanFest, allowing him to present the Gospel to over a million people. His winter student conferences have grown from less than a hundred in attendance in 1987 to one of the nation's largest with over 12,000 in attendance annually. Scott has written several books about traditional faith and evangelism. He has also pioneered new ministries in digital technologies which help facilitate training and spreading the Gospel worldwide.

The Scott Dawson Evangelistic Association is based in Birmingham, Alabama. Scott married the former Tarra Blackmon of Midfield, Alabama (he was her high school sweetheart), and they have two children: their son, Hunter, 21, who is studying accounting at Samford University, and their daughter, Hope, 18, who graduated from Spain Park High School this year. His best friend is Rick Burgess, host of The Rick and Bubba Show, where Scott is a frequent guest.

Today, Scott takes on a new direction as he begins his campaign for Governor of the great state of Alabama.

The path from bagging groceries during college to being a candidate for governor has been a long one, but this isn’t one Scott had ever planned. Over the years in ministry, Scott has seen a disturbing change in the faith and confidence the people of Alabama have in their government. For far too many people, hope is gone and cynicism has settled in its place. It's time for a new direction. Scott believes this state, with all its unique talents and resources, has unlimited potential to forge an exciting and prosperous future.

One question people are asking Scott is, "Why? Why would you leave the order and stability of the ministry field to join the topsy-turvy political fray?" Scott answers that he was led to this decision through prayer after realizing that while he was ministering to the youth of our state about finding hope and direction in their lives, our state was completely adrift with doubts, despair and never-ending controversies of its own. Scott, himself, began to question: “How can we preach renewal and transformation if we aren't leading the way?”

Scott is not a politician. He’s never run for office. But, Scott knows how to build success through one of the largest youth ministry movements in the history of our country. He knows a lot about building faith and repairing lost hope. Scott Dawson knows if you want to fix what’s wrong with Alabama, the first step is to stop electing politicians and start electing leaders.

Join the moment, join the movement because our state has suffered enough. It's time we take back our government from the special interests and career politicians. It's time for a leader who will listen and stand up for the citizens, a leader with integrity, who will speak a message of hope and build a better today--- AND a better future--- for Alabama.

Scott Dawson for Governor.