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Scott Dawson: Ivey Administration Betrayed Alabama Values with the People's Money

Folks, an issue came to my attention and today I brought it before you.  The Ivey Administration has betrayed Alabama values by giving almost one million in public funds, to Free2Be, a fringe organization ​involved with ​​the promotion and normalization of gay and transgender lifestyles among Alabama children.

We Released our First TV Ad: Learning About Faith

You've all wondered when our first ad would hit the airwaves. Your answer? Monday! We'll be on television all across the state next week with a message of hope for the people of Alabama.

TV Spot: "Faith"

Alabama Republican Assembly Endorses Scott Dawson

Our campaign's momentum grows by the hour and I'm excited to announce another endorsement: the Alabama Republican Assembly. The Assembly is a grassroots organization of "Reagan conservatives, who believe in small government, lower taxes, free market capitalism, a strong defense, the right to life, and a decent America." 

Dawson says Alabama Needs Voter Recall

The next time an elected official runs on a platform that we embrace, only to ditch campaign promises and betray our trust, we need the ability to hold that official accountable. The next time a governor closes the office door and abuses his power and our trust, we shouldn’t have to wait on the Attorney General or the Alabama Legislature to act.

Scott Dawson Secures Endorsement of Alabama's Largest Second Amendment Rights Group

NORTHPORT, Ala.—Scott Dawson, Republican candidate for Governor of Alabama, announced the endorsement of BamaCarry on Tuesday afternoon. BamaCarry, Inc. is the largest Second Amendment rights organization in the state of Alabama that advocates for firearm legislation with a no-compromise approach.

It's Getting Real: Less than Five Weeks

We have less than five weeks—I'll say it again—less than five weeks until Election Day, June 5th, and just like this past year on the campaign trail, they are going to fly by. I'm giving this campaign everything that I have because it's not really about this campaign and it's not about me. 

Scott Dawson Wins Wetumpka Tea Party Straw Poll

Last night we won the gubernatorial straw poll at the Wetumpka Tea Party's Candidate Fair. This means that we remain undefeated in the world of grassroots straw polls and this track record reflects the incredible grassroots support that our campaign gains with each passing day. I'm grateful. 

Scott Hit a Grand Slam at Last Night's Debate

Last night, while Kay Ivey was throwing the first pitch at the Baron's game, Scott hit a grand slam at the first GOP primary debate and made us all proud!

Time to Make Alabama a Sweeter Home for Business

We’ve all heard about how important it is to recruit out-of-state businesses to Alabama. As Governor, that will be a top priority of mine. That said, I’ll never forget a comment from a Birmingham CEO as we met in his boardroom.