Constitutional Government

I believe in defined, limited government.

One thing I find particularly distressing at the national level is the disregard for constitutional government and the rule of law, as envisioned by our Framers.

I believe in defined, limited government. I believe in the sound concept of separation of powers—that the three branches of our governments at the state and national level are co-equal, but distinct branches. I believe in federalism, and that the national government in D.C. has warped the original, masterful design given to us by our forefathers.

Laws, or even opinions from the Supreme Court, dictating policies to the states on issues like health care, environmental regulations, abortion, gay marriage, education, housing, energy and natural resources were never supposed to be imposed in that way.  The overreach has created a financial, legal, and cultural mess that could have been avoided if the federal government had stayed in its lane. As it is now, the independent states that created the federal government are, in a lot of ways, subservient to it. Does anybody really wonder why so much national disunity and discord exists? We need the states to reclaim a lot of their lost sovereignty in order to establish a more harmonious constitutional balance as we had at our country’s founding.