Scott Dawson for Governor Kickoff Rally: A Smashing Success

It was a great night, despite inclement weather predictions! Nearly five hundred enthusiastic supporters, former Governor of Arkansas and Fox News personality Mike Huckabee, our own Rick and Bubba of The Rick and Bubba Show, and the next Governor of Alabama, Scott Dawson gathered to make the Kickoff to Win Rally a smashing success.


Scott Dawson speaks at Kickoff to Win Rally in Pelham

“I really believe we’re in a time in our country where we need disruptive personalities---[leaders] who are willing, and ready, and able, and committed to go and be different than the kind of politicians that we have had, that have led us into a level of trouble that will end this great Republic if we don’t change the course of our country and our individual states." Mike Huckabee

Mike Huckabee speaks to supporters at Dawson For Governor Kickoff Rally in Pelham

Mike came to Alabama on his own dime and we couldn't be more grateful for his support, endorsement, and encouragement. Here's what he said about Scott. "Scott Dawson will be a governor that you can be proud of . . .When I got to know Scott I noticed that he has something in his life that few people in politics have: pure honest humility."

We had fabulous entertainment from Kevin Derryberry and his band and guess what? Mike Huckabee joined him at the end for "Sweet Home Alabama" on the bass guitar!

Huckabee Plays Bass Guitar

We were thrilled to have our own Rick and Bubba of the Rick and Bubba Show on the stage. Rick said something significant, when he said, "we are not endorsing Scott. We are vouching for the character, integrity, and the kind of man Scott Dawson is. And that’s a big difference." 

Burgess echoed one of the main messages of our campaign and received audible approval from the crowd with this one: "[Politicians] say, 'I've got experience in Montgomery,' well, that's exactly why we don't need them [in Montgomery]!"

Rick and Bubba at Dawson Rally

"It's time to smile about Alabama politics again." That's what Scott said last night. Everyone cheered and it's no wonder! We are all tired of disappointment in our leaders, tired of corruption, tired of our leadership failing us. "We need men and women who will lead with integrity and honor. Character is not built on the campaign trail. It's built over a lifetime."

Students for Dawson

Scott said that it's high time for Alabama to elect a real leader and said he's "tired of seeing people kick the can down the road." He also said something that resonated with everyone there: we need hope for the future and "a changed mindset" about our state.

The room was on fire with enthusiastic supporters and we are so thankful for all who were able to be a part of the historic evening. Let's unite to win on June 5th.