It's Getting Real: Less than Five Weeks

We have less than five weeks—I'll say it again—less than five weeks until Election Day, June 5th, and just like this past year on the campaign trail, they are going to fly by. I'm giving this campaign everything that I have because it's not really about this campaign and it's not about me. 

It's about you, Alabama, our children, and the future that we will hand down to them.

I truly believe that our future is worth every sacrifice and this belief deepens with every visit to a small town, every dollar from a hardworking donor, and every conversation with a voter.

We're all ordinary people—trying to pay the bills and see our kids to successful adulthood. We're tired of politics. And we're tired of voting for politicians who promise change and then deliver the failing status quo that we've known for decades.

I'm right there with all of you. I believe that politics doesn't have to be the way it is and that's why I'm running. Our message of HOPE for Alabama's future has resonated with all of you. You want to know something amazing? We're restoring faith in Alabama's future and we're not even in Montgomery yet!

I'm ready to get to work—for you! And June 5th is our first hurdle.

We're undefeated in straw polls and we're statistically tied for second in almost every statewide poll. We are in it to win and momentum is on our side. We are up against special interests who are pouring money into my opponent's campaign and it's vital that we all give it everything we have for the next five weeks to ensure victory. Will you join me? 

—Will you tell friends, neighbors, and church family how they can make a difference in Alabama's future by electing a principled leader from the outside?

—Will you like our page on Facebook and help us promote the posts by liking, sharing and commenting? And using the hashtag #StandWithScott? 

—Will you volunteer to make phone calls or go door-to-door in your area?

—Will you contribute $100, $50, $25, or even $5 to help us stay on TV and turn out voters on June 5th?

Every sacrifice that you make will go a long way in this race, because we are relying on ordinary people (not politicos) to elect a leader who will work to bring conservative reform, restore faith in the future, and make Montgomery a place that serves the people again.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are all appreciated more than you know.