Scott Dawson: Ivey Administration Betrayed Alabama Values with the People's Money

Folks, an issue came to my attention and today I brought it before you.  The Ivey Administration has betrayed Alabama values by giving almost one million in public funds, to Free2Be, a fringe organization ​involved with ​​the promotion and normalization of gay and transgender lifestyles among Alabama children.

Last year, ADECA—directed by an Ivey appointee who was supposed to bring transparency back from a scandal-ridden Bentley administration—issued grants of almost one million dollars to Free2Be. Free2Be, under the guise of anti-bullying, isn't an anti-bullying organization for everyone, equally. Instead, it has selectively protected one group, not everyone. This is a problem, especially when we're talking about dollars that belong to taxpayers, whether they're coming from a federal grant through Alabama's ADECA or from the state. 

Kay Ivey has been all over television as a champion of conservative values. She's promised to run a transparent administration. She's claimed to have "righted the ship of state." She's promised to be a good steward of the state's money, which belongs to taxpayers. She's paraded all over Alabama passing out ADECA checks. 

Her audio isn't matching her video. This action negates all of her talk and the hypocrisy epitomizes everything that's wrong with politics in Montgomery. 

Just last night, WHNT reported that Free2Be abrubtly closed operations on Friday afternoon. A former leader is now reportedly in Belize. ​Today, Scott Dawson called for an investigation from the Attorney General's office in light of this reported closure to determine where the money has gone, how it was appropriated, and what the Ivey Administration's role has been in this entire situation. ​

Taxpayers deserve to know what happens with public funds, especially this one: What is this organization? Where are the leaders? Where is the money? What does Governor Ivey intend to do about this wholesale betrayal of conservative Alabama taxpayers? What else is hiding in Montgomery? And, again, where is the near $800K? We have crumbling roads and failing schools and yet we're giving almost one million dollars to a ​now reportedly defunct organzation committed to normalizing transgenderism and homosexuality among Alabama children?​​ 

Federal grants are flexible. They can also be turned down. They can be denied. In the past, Alabama has rejected Medicaid funds because we didn't want expansion. Additionally, instead of simply enjoying banquets in Washington D.C., a conservative governor ought to be going to bat for Alabama and seek necessary reforms to an Obama era grant law (if it's in the way of getting funding to organizations who help all Alabamians). 

I'm running to put a halt to business-as-usual in Montgomery and start serving the people again. I won't deflect responsibility when the use of public money comes into question. We shouldn't have to wonder what our leadership is hiding. I'm running to restore faith in Alabama's future and that starts with transparent government that brings matters before the people instead of hiding them. 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments or in a private message. Thanks for reading to the end and hearing me out.