Scott Dawson Secures Endorsement of Alabama's Largest Second Amendment Rights Group

NORTHPORT, Ala.—Scott Dawson, Republican candidate for Governor of Alabama, announced the endorsement of BamaCarry on Tuesday afternoon. BamaCarry, Inc. is the largest Second Amendment rights organization in the state of Alabama that advocates for firearm legislation with a no-compromise approach.

"Alabama needs an outsider who has the passion and the vision to lead this state towards a more bold and conservative future," the BamaCarry endorsement stated. "Scott Dawson is the only candidate in the race who fits this bill." The endorsement said that Dawson has the conviction, character, and courage to champion Second Amendment rights, and it further urged all of its members and gun owners across the state to "elect Scott Dawson as the next Governor of Alabama."

"I'm honored to receive the endorsement of BamaCarry and the support of gun owners across Alabama," Dawson said. "At every turn, liberals attempt to disarm law-abiding citizens of both our guns and our God-given freedoms. I believe that there's no better firearm policy than the one instituted by our founding fathers and, as governor, I will fight to restore and preserve the Second Amendment rights of the law-abiding citizens in Alabama."

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