Scott Dawson Wins Wetumpka Tea Party Straw Poll

Last night we won the gubernatorial straw poll at the Wetumpka Tea Party's Candidate Fair. This means that we remain undefeated in the world of grassroots straw polls and this track record reflects the incredible grassroots support that our campaign gains with each passing day. I'm grateful. 

Straw polls aren't scientific and we know that, but the message here is much deeper than any poll: we are bringing a vision for the future, hope for Alabama politics, conservative solutions, and an outsider option with the moxie to top the special interests and make Montgomery a place that serves the people again. 

This message is resonating. We are pulling voters out of the apathy that career politicians have fostered for so long and leading the state by restoring hope in Alabama's future—and we aren't even in the governor's office yet. 

We don't have all of the special interest money, we have hardworking Alabamians all over this state. Together we can secure victory on June 5th and begin to move Alabama into a hopeful future! Thank you for being an important part. Thank you for your prayers. And, thank you for your vote. Every vote will truly make a difference in this race.