Scott Hit a Grand Slam at Last Night's Debate

Last night, while Kay Ivey was throwing the first pitch at the Baron's game, Scott hit a grand slam at the first GOP primary debate and made us all proud!

Alabama saw a principled, dynamic leader who gave straight answers to thoughtful questions. And we heard a conservative vision of hope for this state's future. Even said Scott emerged as the "big winner."

Scott is the only candidate in this race who has never held political office and his outsider perspective is exactly what Alabama needs. For forty years we have been electing politicians over and over again and getting the same results: bottom forty in every meaningful statistic. It's time to break that habit and elect a leader with the vision and the ability to bring us to the top. 

Scott Dawson is the leader we need to pull us together and restore faith in Alabama.

WATCH the full debate here and see for yourself: 

After the first round of debates on both the Democrat and Republican sides, there are three observations that all of us should note:

1. Scott is the only true outsider in the race and is the clear choice for grassroots voters who are ready to restore faith in Alabama's future!

2. Scott is the strong and energetic candidate that Alabama conservatives need to match the Democrat nominee in November. Scott's conservative vision for Alabama champions small, ethical government that can efficiently meet essential needs and unleash the power of freer communities and businesses! This presented a stark contrast with the Democrats who believe that government is the solution to every single issue.

3. Kay Ivey (our current governor who assumed office after the resignation of Robert Bentley) wasn't there. She's consistently dodging public inspection and resting in a position that we have never elected her to fill. It's disappointing. What's she trying to hide? Her lack of vision for the future? Something else?

We encourage you to watch the debate and hear Scott for yourself. Scott wants voters to vet all of their candidates before voting on June 5th. Sign up here to join Team Dawson and together we can restore faith in Alabama's future. 

—Team Dawson