Thoughts from the Campaign Trail

Greetings from the Alabama Campaign Trail!

We are out here on the highways and byways of Alabama and I am absolutely overwhelmed by the friendliness, generosity and gracious hospitality we receive at every stop.

Tarra, Hunter, Hope and I have enjoyed every single minute meeting new folks and making new friends as we march forward to turn the political page and bring a new day to Alabama.

We now have about eight short weeks until the June 5th Republican Primary when you’ll have the opportunity to elect your next governor!

There are some extremely important issues that we must get ahold of if we are going to free ourselves from the bondage of a dismal past and catapult this state into heights we’ve never experienced. I’ve been asking many of you as I meet with you, WHY must Alabama constantly rank 48th, 49th and even 50th in many of the national rankings that measure high quality of life? It really makes no sense, and I refuse to accept occupying the bottom rungs any longer.

We have the best people, abundant natural resources and a vast potential of greatness that I would put up against any other state in the country. This is Sweet Home Alabama! Don’t listen to the cynics and naysayers, because we have it within us to turn things around and be leaders, rather than accept what we’ve always gotten and remain running behind.

But, let me throw this out there: Character and ethics are where it starts---Friends, PLEASE don’t overlook or overstep the “character” issue in this race. Frankly, we cannot afford another embarrassment, scandal or courtroom conviction. I invite you—no, I urge you—to vet all of the candidates.

I read where legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden believed that character is far more important than reputation. “Your reputation is what you’re perceived to be by others,” Coach Wooden was said to have told his players, “but your character is what you really are. You’re the only one that knows your character. You can fool others, but you can’t fool yourself.”

My fellow Alabamians, when we go to the polls on June 5th, with so much at stake, let’s not walk into that voting precinct to cast a vote for just a familiar name. Let’s not be bamboozled by the number of slick ads bombarding us on TV, radio and the internet. Let’s not make assumptions based on a reputation that somebody is simply “good enough” to hold office.

I don’t want Alabama to just be “good enough” any longer. I want us to be the best in the nation.

We’re not asking for perfection, there are no perfect people. But, we must expect excellence and demand excellence. Anything less will keep us at the bottom of the national heap.

If you believe, as I do, that it’s time to restore faith in our families, faith in our communities, faith in our government and faith in our future, then join this campaign with thousands of others to “Restore Faith in Alabama.”  Click here to join!