We Released our First TV Ad: Learning About Faith

You've all wondered when our first ad would hit the airwaves. Your answer? Monday! We'll be on television all across the state next week with a message of hope for the people of Alabama.

The ad, "Learning About Faith," highlights an important and formative milestone of my early life. My dad lost his job, but he didn't lose hope and he had faith that God would pull us through.

All across Alabama I've met people like us who are tired of politics, tired of politicians who fail us time and time again, and tired of Alabama being at the bottom forty of every significant nationwide statistic. My message is simple, let's not elect another politician; let's elect a conservative leader from the outside with a vision of hope who's ready to work hard to regain the people's trust and restore faith in Alabama's future. 

Here's the full text of the ad: 

When I was in middle school​,​ my dad's trucking company, after working for them twenty-eight consecutive years, closed the doors.

And I never saw him go a day without work.

When things were tight, he never gave up.

You know, you can go days without food, but you can't go one second without hope.

And, he had just this deep sense of faith that God was going to pull him through.

We have just over three weeks until the primary election on June 5th. I'm working hard to win because I truly believe that direction of Alabama's future hangs in the balance. Will you join me? Let's work together to restore faith in our future and inspire hope in the lives of every Alabamian.